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The following sections describe how to use the Java programming language and Web Logic Server to develop XML applications.

It is assumed that you know how to use Java Servlets and Java Server Pages (JSPs) to write Java applications.

A namespace-aware version of DTDs is being developed as Part 9 of ISO DSDL.

DTDs persist in applications that need special publishing characters, such as the XML and HTML Character Entity References, which derive from larger sets defined as part of the ISO SGML standard effort.

So, to actually use the information in a software application, you need to create code that reads each character until it encounters a less-than symbol, is hit, that signifies the end of the start tag to the program.

From there, each character that follows is part of the element's content—that is, until it hits a less-than symbol, followed by a slash, , which signifies the end tag.

The software component responsible for reading the XML document and building a representation of the document that can be accessed by other parts of an application is called an XML parser.

For example, consider a very simple XML document: One of the benefits of XML is that the documents are, for the most part, human readable.

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This snippet explains how to handle the element Node parses a XML document and prints it on the console.

A document type definition (DTD) is a set of markup declarations that define a document type for an SGML-family markup language (SGML, XML, HTML).

A Document Type Definition (DTD) defines the legal building blocks of an XML document.

To keep the example simple this program generates a XML file from a Vector preloaded with hard coded data.

The steps involved are a) Get an instance of DOM parser b) Create a new Document c) Load the Data d) Create a DOM tree with this Data e) Print the DOM tree which will be the XML file In detail a) Get an instance of DOM psrser to the same directory where you have downloaded these programs.

The declarations in the internal subset form part of the DOCTYPE in the document itself.

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