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11-Aug-2017 06:35

We had an hour-long IM chat before she agreed to meet me for coffee.

I added her on Facebook, then called her a few days before our date.

Have a good day :) MF: no problem lol :) free tomorrow or thursday…

She was waiting for me when I walked into the coffee shop.

An often quoted maxim warned men not to squander their inheritances with too many visits to a brothel, but prostitution was legal and morally acceptable, and the concern was with the diminution of the estate not with the way it was done.

Street prostitution is dominated by Albanian refugees and immigrants.

The ancients assumed that the victor in any battle had the right, if he so chose, to capture and enslave as many people as he could find in the conquered area.

Imagine the shock experienced by a woman whose town or village is overrun and the survivors swept up by slave traders who appear to have arrived out of nowhere.

Many people today consider her writings to be homosexual in nature and an example of early lesbianism, yet no one is sure whether she was displaying true sexual affection toward other women and was interesting in dating them, or she simply had strong nonsexual feelings for them.

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Either way, Sappho was not persecuted for her poems in ancient times.

All of Sappho's poetry, except for one poem, only exist in fragments today.

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