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Ronald Lyle Goldman (July 2, 1968 – June 12, 1994) was an American restaurant waiter and a friend of Nicole Brown Simpson; they both were killed in 1994 at her Brentwood, Los Angeles home. His parents divorced in 1974 when he was six and, after spending a brief time in the custody of his mother, Sharon Rufo, he was raised by his father, Fred Goldman, and lived with him and his younger sister, Kim Goldman. Upon arriving in California (where he lived independently from his family), Goldman first supported himself by working as an employment headhunter and tennis instructor, and then worked a string of waiter jobs.

Simpson, was acquitted of their murders but was later found liable for the deaths in a civil trial. He grew up in the community of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, near Chicago. He was a student at Illinois State University for one semester (where he planned to major in psychology) and a pledge to Sigma Nu fraternity before he followed his family to southern California at age 18.

served a sentence for that crime, the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, are angry about the events that unfolded this week -- two decades after he was found not guilty of murdering Nicole and Ron in Brentwood, California.

You beat my sister -- regardless of murdering her and Ron.

He had model good looks, a body sculpted by daily weightlifting sessions and tennis, and a magnetic personality that friends said made them want to hang around him, just to see what he would be up to next.Police sources have said they do not believe that he was romantically involved with Simpson or that their friendship contributed to their deaths. Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman were fatally stabbed on the evening of June 12, 1994, their bodies discovered early the next morning. At one point, Goldman appeared on the Fox television dating show "Studs." Asked by the host how he would rate himself on a scale of one to 10, Goldman held his hand up at eye level and joked: "I'm way up here.Some of Goldman's friends said he was merely returning a pair of sunglasses Nicole Simpson had left at the nearby restaurant where he worked as a waiter. Her two young children were asleep inside their Brentwood home at the time. There really isn't a scale for me." Craig Clark and Goldman met five years ago when both were waiters at the Pier View restaurant in Malibu. He became exactly who he normally is, and I started to panic a little and obviously like everybody else, we watched them unanimously willing to release him and it was very disappointing." Nicole's younger sister, Tanya Brown, spoke to TMZ about the verdict, as well as comments O. made during Thursday's appearance in which he said that he's "basically spent a conflict-free life." "I was like, 'Really?

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Simpson was granted parole in connection with a 2007 crime during which he robbed two sports memorabilia dealers at a Las Vegas hotel at gunpoint after serving nine years behind bars on felony charges of armed robbery and kidnapping. Ron's sister, Kim, and father, Fred, appeared on Friday where they called Thursday's parole decision "very disappointing" and noted they never expect to see justice in connection with Ron and Nicole's 1994 murders. I think I expected that [Simpson] was going to come in with a script-- 'I did these crimes, I'm so sorry, I'm remorseful, I know that there was a gun in the room.'" She continued, "I thought he was going to follow what I thought was going to be a very strategic plan for the day and then he went off-script.He had shared with friends his vision of opening a future restaurant or bar characterized not by a name, but by the ankh (an Egyptian religious symbol of life that matched the tattoo on his shoulder).