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‘_PK_SEQ1’; IF p_new Ugh – looks like all my double hyphen comment indicators got converted to em-dashes upon posting. —- Author: Ben Martinka 8/9/13 CREATE or REPLACE PROCEDURE reset_seq( —- p_nxt out number, p_tbl in varchar2, p_new in number DEFAULT -1, p_min in number DEFAULT 0 ) IS l_new number; l_nxt number; l_cnt number; l_inc number; l_min number; l_key varchar2(256); l_seq varchar2(256); BEGIN —- Derive primary key & sequence names from table name —- according to database design standards.

Introduction Migrating Data Access Although Oracle and Microsoft® SQL Server™ both use the ANSI SQL language, each uses proprietary extensions to add functionality.

l_key := p_tbl

This was a time when Oracle Parallel Servers roamed the land, pfiles were all the rage, and connecting internal was a fading fad.I’ve taken your script to the next level and added parameters that allow you to reset the sequence to any specified value zero or greater, or specifying a negative value will reset the sequence to resume with the next higher integer than the maximum value in the specified table, with sequence and primary key names derived from the table name.